Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Answer to: Why aren't you blogging more?!?!

Early cherry blossom trees in Hagi.
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Me at Nagoya Castle March 15
I just realized that I haven't been blogging much... and it's not just because I am busy. I am, of course, busy, because that is how a I like my life. It is exceptionally busy this week and next because it is cherry blossom season and it's a busy time for family portraits. Even my family is having portraits done. There are a few more reasons, which I would like to discuss here:

1) I am not doing a lot of new things now. I'm doing repeats of some of my favorites. I have already blogged about much of what I'm doing now in years past. Because I only have about 4 months left in this country, I am hitting a few highlights (like going to Himeji Castle tomorrow) that I haven't hit before, but for the most part, I am going to my favorite places to enjoy them one more time. My mother is also in town visiting so she has her list of places she'd like to go... most of them from my list of places I have been, LOL.

2) Base life is changing rapidly. As I mentioned in my final Town Hall Meeting post, there many changes taking place. Between now and the time I leave, we will have a new theater, commissary, a ton of new housing in all sorts of different styles and new road closures. Whatever I blog about now will be obsolete by the time you read it. And the things I do want to write about aren't exactly going to make me any friends... they are more like warnings for rational, sane people. So I am tabling those for now.

3) I'm focusing on me, my family and my friends. Yes, I am being selfish. And I won't apologize. There are big changes in store for the Guthries and not only do we have to wrap up stuff here, but we have to start stuff up in the States. So, much of my time is being used to spend time with fabulous friends I may not see again for months, if not years, and with my visiting mother. I'm also supporting my spouse as he retires from the only professional life he's known, and helping my kids transition to yet another city and school. Oh, and, for myself, trying to figure out how to restart my business, and even this blog, once I return to the States.

But, if you need some fresh Tenaciously Yours in your life to get you through until the next time I have something to blog about, here is some eye candy for you from my early March 2016 adventures:

Tsubaki (Camellia) Forest in Hagi March 8.
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Nagoya Castle, March 15
The Tagata Shrine Fertility Festival, near Nagoya, March 15
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Inuyama Castle, one of the four original Japanese castles that is also considered a national treasure.
Hikone Castle, one of the four original Japanese castles that is also considered a national treasure. Himeji is a third, and there is a fourth I plan to go see in May.