Friday, April 03, 2015

Blossoms have stopped the blogging...

If it wasn't pouring rain today, I would not be writing this. You see, the first week of April is my business of the year... not only are there the standard spring things going on, such as the start of baseball season, my kids' birthdays, spring break trips, and the like going on, but it is roughly the time each year when the famous cherry blossom (sakura) trees bloom in Iwakuni. These blooms are very delicate. They bloom fast and only stay a week or two... sometimes less if the wind and rain damage them. The Kintai Bridge, which is about 15 minutes from base, is considered one of the most beautiful places in Japan to view them.

Because of their fragility, and that they are one of the flowers that symbolizes Japan, many American families want to have their portraits taken among the gorgeous sakura blooms. I am a photographer, so that means that I have been busy taking portraits of a dozen different families in five days. So, forgive me, I have been lax on blogging. But I have a good reason this time! Here are some of the photos I have taken this week. Enjoy!

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