Friday, January 25, 2013

Hiroshima Castle... and a Japanese buffet...

We took my mother-in-law, Peggy, and sister-in-law, Jill, to Hiroshima today. We walked through Peace Park and then headed a few blocks north to Hiroshima Castle, which I have not visited before.

Will, Peggy and Jill admiring the paper cranes donated to the Children's Peace Park Memorial.
Will and Xan ringing the crane bell.
"Peace" in Kanji
The family in Peace Park
In front of the A-bomb Dome
Studying the Hiroshima Castle informational plaque
In front of the gate to Hiroshima Castle
The five-story Hiroshima Castle tower, which was once surrounded by three protective moats.
Yeah, that's me. Oh, and the castle. And a random Japanese tourist.
Will dressed as a samurai

Xan just wanted to try on the (fairly heavy) helmet.
Listening to the information in English.

From the top of the fifth floor of the Hiroshima Castle there is a beautiful 360-degree of the city. Here are the views:

While we were atop the (quite chilly) 5th story of the tower, Will was interviewed by AFN, the local TV/radio station.

A stamp you can get at the top of the tower.
We ate at a Japanese buffet on the 7th floor of the 11-story shopping center below.

Xan sitting on some chrome artwork at the mall
Peggy eating her first Japanese meal
Jill with hers
Odd shaped tea bag.
The Japanese buffet was all-you-can-eat, but that's about where the similarities to an American buffet stopped. See for yourself...

Make-your-own crepes.
The buffet
Salad bar
Tea and juice bar
Meats and noodles
The underground portion of the mall.
The Guthrie ladies outside the mall
Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan (as you can see from the ad banners below), but a little differently in the States... the girls give the boys they have crushes on the chocolate!

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