Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New video, instructions now available ...

... K2R Design Krew Member Andrea has been hard at work heat embossing on Kits2Remember acrylic. Have you seen the video yet? You don't want to miss this cool (or should I say hot?) technique! Log on to the Krew blog (www.k2rkrew.blogspot.com) and check it out!

Also, if you were one of the lucky ones to have gotten on of the NEW (but currently sold out) Kits2Remember project kits featuring Teresa Collins' new lines, the instructions are now available online. Thank you for your patience... I just ran out of time before the Bay Area Scrapbook Expo to get them posted. The web site address for the kit instructions is on the label on the front of your kit package. It starts "www.kits2remember.com/..." . Just type that web address into your web browser and the photos and instructions should come up. Email me if you have any trouble: jessica @kits2remember.com. Although the kits are sold out, I do plan to order more supplies, so the kits will be available in the K2R online store in a week or two. I will send out a newsletter when they are available, so be sure to join the email newsletter. Next up on the Expo circuit: San Diego in May!

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