Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the hotel room this evening...

... We spent eight hours today setting up the Kits2Remember booth for the Bay Area Expo and then came back to the hotel in Pleasanton - with some work still to do. Kathi spent most of her day kitting projects, but still had a little bit left.

Jenn, who helped my Mom, Nancy, and I set up the booth at the Alameda Fairgrounds all day, came back and created a cute acrylic wall hanging with some of the Petaloo Flower Charms (those of you attending the Expo can see the final project in person tomorrow at the booth!).

Mom cleaned up and made sure the credit card machine was charged up.

As for me, I kicked back with a margarita and "supervised." Just kidding... the Krew made me write that... SOMEBODY had to update the blog and check email! Looking forward to seeing you at the Expo tomorrow!


Trisha said...

You are to much Jessica! Good luck with everything!

Carolyn said...

Wonderful teamwork! Everyone at their posts and the whole thing coming together so nicely - we truly can't appreciate how much had work goes into what you do -you all make it look so effortless! See you on the class circut.