Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Curse on Yahoo!

Well, not really, as I am sure it is not their fault. My Yahoo! (Kits2Remember) email account was ERASED two days ago and I am at a loss. I would like to ask those of you who contact me regularly to email me ( so that I may add you to my address book once again.

Please note: This Yahoo! hiccup does not include the K2R mailing list. If you have subscribed to our email newsletter, you are still registered. You do not need to resubscribe. If you aren't subscribing to our email list, why not? Be the first to get new K2R news and special offers only for newsletter subscribers! To subscribe, click here. A new newsletter about some great new products will be going out in the next few days, as well as details about upcoming classes and Scrapbook Expo news. So subscribe now!

1 comment:

Kathi L. said...

Thanks for not cursing me!!!