Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Piece of Pensacola: Blue Angels Homecoming Show

Will, Xan and I went to the annual Blue Angel Homecoming Air Show today. We had a great time checking out the static aircraft displays and watching the different planes do their tricks in the sky. Of course, the big part of the show was the Blue Angels, who are based here in Pensacola. They have been a team since 1946 and were first based in Jacksonville, FL.

One of the first things we did was stand in line for half an hour to sit in the cockpit of a Blue Angel FA-18 Hornet. While this one does not have an actual engine in it, it is the same aircraft that the Blue Angels currently fly and have for 21 years. While Will did the expected paparazzi Mom smile for me, Xan wanted no part of the cockpit.

Will really wanted to sit in this small Marine Corps helicopter, so here he is "flying" it very seriously of course, because flying is a very serious task, and then the pilot poster shot.

We waited in line for another half hour for lunch - hamburgers and fries. We watched some more planes perform - this is a performance display of new and old aircraft.

Will got this photo of Xan and and while we waited for the Blue Angels to perform.

While waiting, the wind got even more biting, so we headed off to walk around and look at some more heliocopters. Here is a shot of the boys inside one.

And then it was time for the big show. The Blue Angels did not disappoint and seemed to come from all angles to complete their fabulous stunts.


Shannon Hatfield said...

I love these photos Jessica! I am glad you are feeling better and you're out and about again! I've missed your blog... I've been away for a while recovering from a little flu and then just busy! I'm looking forward to seeing some of those previews for the 2009 Expos you've been working on! I'll bet they are awesome!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the great story and pictures of the Blue Angels - feels like we were right there with you!