Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthdays, skates and trophies...

The big events for our family this weekend was my birthday on Saturday and my 6-year-old son Will's soccer party at the skating rink today. For my birthday, the boys wanted to take me to Waffle House for brunch, so after opening a few gifts (The Big Love TV show season DVDs I've wanted for a year now, and a "voucher" for roller skates)

we went and ate. Afterwards we headed out to do a little Christmas and birthday shopping (needed to find those skates for the skating party the next day!) We found roller skates for me - and for Will and Rodney, too! We all enjoy skating (some of us more than others, but said others realize this is good, active family time) and the skates and the roller rink are just awful, uncomfortable, the wheels would lock up, etc.

So, on Sunday afternoon, we were all smooth sailing around the rink, including Xan who sported Will's old Fisher-Price in-line skates. They have three roller settings, locking up fewer wheels the better you get, and Xan made it up to the second setting, even skating away from the wall on his own a few times. Will got the hang of his roller skates in no time. Rodney likes his skates, although he said they were faster than we he would like. At least we found some that were big enough for his huge feet!

Will got his trophy from his coach and all the kids seemed pretty proud of their season (they still don't keep score at this level), as they should be.

Now, back to work tomorrow, to get some plugging away done before I gorge myself on turkey!


Kathi L. said...

I am very happy to hear that your weekend ended up better than it started. What an exciting birthday for you.

BTW>>>I love Big Love. I think it is supposed to start again pretty soon...can't wait!!

I got my package. I will be working on it this week. The KK was open all the way on the side, so if you find an extra big red jingle bell around your craft room, it fell out of my kit. OOPS!!!

Andrea Venn said...

OMG Jessica I LOVE BIG LOVE! Its been a long wait for the new season. Well have to chat after the January 11th show!