Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sacramento Expo Day Two...

... I am exhausted, but wanted to get some photos up. A big thanks to my volunteers, of course: Kara, Amanda, Debbie, Stephanie and Lisa. You guys were awesome. And, of course, to my Mom, Nancy, who was a lifesaver at least five times a day. Here's a photo of Mom at her "station" - the cash register. And of Stephanie conducting the make and take.

A few quick ideas for you:
I have some of the new Teresa Colling bracket albums, both small and large. I used a pair of the small ones for a halloween album and a pair of large ones to make a magnetic message board.

Here are some new ornament ideas, too, created from acrylic and Grungeboard.

All of these products will be available at the Ontario Expo next weekend, and then on the K2R web site by the end of the month.

So, now, off to bed. G'night!


Mille said...

thanks for staying up late and posting for us - gives a glimpse of what ontario will be like. the halloween book is wonderful, and i love how you mounted the metal on the larger album, give it lots of dimension. rest up!

AFScrapperMom said...

When you coming to Arizona, put me on your list of volunteers!

Heidi said...

I had so much fun meeting you and your Mom. She was wonderful trying to un do all the binding.
I wish I could have taken your class but it was all full.

Trisha said...

Good ideas! Thanks for sharing! I may get in trouble at the expo!