Friday, October 24, 2008

Ontario Expo Day One....

Whew! Having a booth at the front of the Expo hall means you are constantly busy... but that's a good thing! We took a few photos when we had a moment of down time, but there weren't many! Here's a shot of volunteer Krew member Carolyn helping out at the acrylic album make and take.

And a shot of my Mom at her "station," with volunteer Krew member Cheryl assisting...

A big thank you goes out to my Krew who gave it their all today: Kathi, Jenn, Monica, Inez, Annabelle, Sandie, Cheryl, Carolyn and Tiffany. I really appreciate your help today!

The Krew thought it would be funny to get a picture of me signing an autograph in the "Bound 2 Bind," Bind-it-All idea book I am published in... my first paparazzi attack! They made me promise to put it on the blog (plus my DH is whining that he hasn't seen me in nearly three weeks - here ya go, honey), so here it is.

For those of you who liked the post about my (parents') tortoises, here is a junior member of the species and Scrapbook Expo mascot - Big Eddie.

Big Eddie, or Edwina, officially, is proudly owned by Dave of Scrapbook Expo.

She is a mere two years old, so she still has some growing up to do before she can live up to the likes of 7-year-old Pyramid and Papyrus living it up in the 'rents backyard! But she is still cute ... well, as cute as a tortoise can be!

Looking forward to tomorrow's Expo... be sure to stop by the booth to say hi!

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Anonymous said...

its always a pleasure helping you and
Nancy at the booth! You guys are very nice people. You deserve the best! May God bless you and your families!!!
Love, Monica