Saturday, December 08, 2007

EK is asking for my opinion ....?!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not afraid to express my opinion, and now a scrapbook company is actually asking for it! Wonders never cease!
I have been selected as a member of the EK Success consumer board for 2008! I am sure there are a few hundred of us out there, but this if fun, nevertheless. We will be asked to fill out online surveys, sometimes about products, sometimes not. I am supposed to share the products with other scrappers, so here's the first review:

They sent me the first product, the new Sticko adhesive, in a pink container (yuck! They lost a point of mine there ...). I got the mini adhesive and being the busy scrapbooker I am, this 11 feet of adhesive was gone in a flash! But, the adhesive itself was strong and easy to use, much like an ATG-type double-sided tape. It IS refillable, but I hate refilling too often, hence the reason I use the ATG gun and tape.

So, while this wasn't a huge winner with me, it was still fun filling out the survey and letting EK know my thoughts! Stay tuned for more reviews in the coming months.

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