Friday, June 12, 2009

In Atlanta tonight ...

... actually, we are in Tucker, which is in the Atlanta metropolitan area, on the East side. We left Pensacola at about 8 a.m., first stopping by Scraphappy so I could drop off my sample for the beginning acrylic class I am teaching there next month. Then it was off to Alabama!

Fortunately, the drive was uneventful. We did stop at a Guthrie's chicken restaurant in Tallassee, Alabama (Not to be confused with TallaHAssee, Florida) for lunch. Rodney managed to drive 12 miles past the exit before I looked up from answering my email via iPhone to ask him what was taking so long to go 13 miles ... but we turned around and went back to Guthrie's anyway, simply for blog fodder. We even asked an amused stranger to take our picture for us. By the way, the chicken was excellent. Off to Georgia!

We arrived in Tucker at about 3 p.m. Well, we thought it was 3 p.m. It was actually 4 p.m. - we forgot about the time change to EST. Whoops! Good thing we didn't have anywhere we really needed to be. Unless you count the scrapbook stores ... There were two in the area I wanted to go to, but due to the lack of time (both stores closed at 6 p.m. and we needed to drop the dogs off at the hotel) I only got to one of them. Paper Impressions was on the opposite side of town, in Murietta, and traffic was starting to get bad. So I settled for just going to ScrapChic Boutique, which was only about 6 miles from our hotel, in Decatur.

We actually just drove right by ScrapChic before we saw it ... not because it was small, but because we were looking for a strip-mall type store and ScrapChic is actually housed in a turn-of-the-century house. I really loved the feel of the place!

The three owners had done a great job keeping the antique, rustic feel with their decor, use of space and fixtures, such as this ladder ...

The range of supplies was good. I picked up some of the new Sassafras, some Hambly Screen Prints transparencies and Atlanta-themed paper. But I loved the crop space.

While you did have the climb stairs to get to the crop space up there, there were three spacious rooms filled with tables. The huge windows gave great natural light for day crops and there were plenty of tools and computers for croppers to use. Rodney even managed to keep himself occupied with all the fun goodies to look at! And, of course, I just HAD to drop off some samples of Kits2Remember products while I was there ...

As always, the dogs traveled well. They were excited to be on an adventure and were thrilled this morning when they found out that they weren't going to be left behind, They had been edge all day yesterday ... the suitcases were in the house! For the trip, Marble has her crate, which Ripley sometimes sleeps in, so we got a travel crate that was chew-resistant fabric and folds down, sort of like a car sun shade. I laughingly call it the dogs' "sleeping bag."

We put Marble in it first, since she is smaller than Rip, but while we were at ScrapChic, and they were at the hotel, she managed to UNZIP it and meet us at the door when we came in to the room. Seriously! So, when we went to Fuddruckers for dinner, we put Rip in with a clamp on the zippers. That seemed to work out better.

We're off across I-20 tomorrow, headed for the Carolinas!


Kathi L. said...

Love the look of the scrap store. I would love to visit there. Funny story about Guthrie's too.

get scrappy said...

How cool is that, that you got the picture of you guys at Guthrie's. Can't wait to hear more about your travels. Have a good time.

Naomi said...

very funny!! love the store too

BTW did you notice your "friend" in the door window of

Anonymous said...

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