Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hangin' out with Michi ...

... Chris has a two-week air space course in Biloxi, MS, so he flew out this morning and that was the end of our fun with him. Michi, however, was a wonderful hostess and showed us all around Jacksonville ... which took about 20 minutes. I didn't even have time to remember to take photos! Just imagine a small town where they are a lot of men with short haircuts and everything is very green, but very damp... it rained on and off all day.

We did do a bit a shopping: Rodney found some gear he had been looking for and I found some unique Marine scrapbooking supplies at the Camp Lejeune exchange - win-win for everyone! My favorites were clear acrylic dog tags etched with the Marine Corps logo and a few phrases, and a huge, 10-inch black Bazzill Cardstock die cut of the Marine Corps logo. Both are from Combat Creations. I have no idea what I am going to do with them, yet, but I'm sure I will figure something out!

After a short break at home in the afternoon, Michi took us back to base to introduce us to her "baby boy," Amedeus. They compete in dressage events around the area and he is just a beauty.

Each day, Amedeus gets to spend some time in the open pasture - complete with his anti-fly suit and boots on.

Last but not least, the stables had this telephone booth outside.

Seriously, this might be the last working telephone booth in America ... I took this photo so I could explain it to Will and Xan in a few years. :)

Tomorrow, Michi (who is also a scrapbooker) and I plan to go to a local craft and scrapbooking store here before Rodney and I head back west for a visit with my cousin, Marianne, and her family in South Carolina. Incidentally, they have horses, too...


get scrappy said...

WOW! A phone booth! I haven't seen one of those in a long time. It will be good to have a photo like that to show the boys later on down the road.

Regina said...

looks like you guys are having a great time!