Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I got tagged!

Michelle, owner of the Scrappin' Table in Placentia, CA, TAGGED me, and, trying to be the good sport I know I can be, I figured I better play along. This one is pretty easy, really:

Seven random facts you may not know about me:

1) I love fresh-brewed iced tea with LOTS of ice and Sweet & Low. This is one of the top reasons I am glad to be living in the South right now - this stuff is everywhere you go!
2) I broke three of my own rules when I started dating my DH: I was not going to date anyone younger than me, in the armed forces or whom I met in a bar. On Dec. 19, 1999, I broke all those rules with one guy. But he's (usually) worth it!
3) I severely dislike pot-stirrers and back-stabbers. I am a big proponent of kharma in these cases.
4) My favorite color is green.
5) My birthday falls on the cusp of Scorpio and Saggitarius. Does that mean I am complicated?
6) I love that summer evening time, about a half hour before the sun sets and the air is still warm. It makes me want to ride in a convertible and just let my hair fly.
7)I cannot just sit and relax. Even when I watch TV, I am doing something else. Like playing this blog game.

OK, so now I tag people. I am going to tag my Design Krew. Click on their blogs below to see their responses!



Jennifer Priest said...

Cool to learn more about you!! I'm with ya on the back stabber thing--and I love green too. And I am a scorpio on the cusp--don't we have the same bday or close to the same day?? Pretty weird!! Miss you lots!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for being a good sport. Hey we need to discuss a class when you are out next k!!