Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's Salsa!

Whenever I feel like cooking, which happens once every blue moon, I make fresh salsa. DH Rodney loves it and it makes him and the kids eat vegetables! It is a recipe, if you can call it that, that I got from a true "mamacita," a Hispanic photograher friend of mine's mother who lived in Yuma, AZ. I don't eat tomatoes or green onions in any other foods and I love my salsa CHUNKY! The hot, humid weather here made me just CRAVE some fresh salsa yesterday, so I "cooked" some up!

Here's what I do:

1) Gather up the ingredients:

- three cans of tomato sauce (I use name brand, since this will not be cooked and I do not want to mess around with taste.)
- five large tomatoes, the darker red the better
- a bunch of green onions
- a bunch of cilantro
- a large clove of garlic (or two smaller ones - clove, not the entire bulb. I say this because I made this mistake as a new wife, LOL!)
- chile peppers: I use two anaheim chiles (pictured)for a mild to medium salsa, five to seven serrano chilies (they are smaller than anaheims) for a medium to warm salsa. Jalepenos can be used, too, but I just do not care fo the taste.
- salt and pepper - to taste
- about a 3/4 cup of water, I don't measure, I just swish out sause from the cans

I use my Tupperware Superbowl to mix it allin. I think it is a 2-gallon bowl or something crazy like that. Sharp knives are a must.

2) Wash your hands, can tops and all produce
3) chop tomoatoes, green onions and cilantro the way you like, bigger for chunky salsa or finer for not-so-chunky salsa. I always chop the onions, chilies and garlic last in case the smell gets overwhelming.
4) chop chilies and garlic very fine
5) Add sauce and water
6) add some salt and pepper, mix it all up, have a bite, add salt and pepper as necessary.
7) Enjoy! I like using Tostitos Scoops so I can get a lot of salsa in one bite!

And I love that these ingredients are not super expensive and the amount you make will last a week, or be great for a party. Plus, like I said before, the family will get their vegetable servings! Anyone else have a great salsa recipe? Post it here, I'd love to try it!


Emily B said...

mmmm ... I LOVE fresh salsa. I usually just make my own by throwing in a little of this, a little of that. I've never tried it with tomato sauce before, I'm going to have to try it. Thanks for sharing!

Cyndi said...

That salsa looks very yummy! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to try that recipe. Makes me want some just looking at the pictures...yum!

Jenn C