Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Americana" Found!

Well, of course I found a box full of kits after I sent out a big group of orders! I now have about 20 "Americana" kits, which were in a box labeled "Garage-Files." Anybody else file bills and stuff in red and blue cardstock with ribbon? I had no idea I did, but according to the movers, I am quite embellish-ful with my filing. Grr! Anyhow, good news is that I have the Americana kits in stock, just in time for them to be 40 percent off this week! Check out the site for details:


AFScrapperMom said...

Is each page in the Americana found book blank, or is it already done up for a specific state?

Jessica Guthrie said...

It comes with printed state names so you can do a page for every state, if you so choose. I went ahead and added small embellies and the state names to each page, leaving enough room for me to add photos and memorabilia later. Hope that answers your question!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you know I just love this book. Glad to hear that you found them! I put another one together for my parents and they loved it too.

Jenn C