Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still recovering from the OC Expo ...

... but, boy was it a lot of fun! There are some of the pictures I took with my Dad's camera on Saturday, or ones he took ... I know Krewmember Naomi took some, too, but I haven't gotten those back yet. I was just too darned busy to take any photos! Thanks to everyone for helping to make Kits2Remember's first Scrapbook Expo such a success! I taught two classes each day and my acrylic album class sold out each day. While my acrylic wall decor class didn't sell out, I always had close to 30 people in it, so not too shabby for my first time teaching at an Expo. It seemed like everyone had fun in class, and most importantly, LEARNED something.

I want to thank my volunteer Krewmembers who were kind enough to offer up their time and scrapbooking expertise. You might have seen or met some some of them if you stopped by my booth or took a class from me. Having them around really made everything go so much smoother! So, a huge thanks to: Kathi, Cheryl, Tiffany, Lori, Jodie, Inez, Monica, Martina, Liz, Jennifer, Angie, Stacy, my sis-in-law Gina, my DH Rodney, my Dad Mark, for watching my kids, and to my Mom Nancy, who happily ran my cash register and credit card machine (despite how many fits they gave her!).

I am looking for some responsible volunteer Krewmembers for the Pleasanton, CA, Scrapbook Expo next month, March 14 and 15. You'll get some class kits, a Krew T-shirt, a goodie bag with acrylic product, free admission the day you work, plus some other odds and ends. I could also use some burly men to help me haul stuff in on the 13th and haul stuff out the evening of the 15th. No more than two hours or so each day. If you are interested, please email me at jessica@kits2remember.com.

Now, off to get some instructions written and some samples made! A shopowners work is never done! :)

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