Sunday, January 07, 2007

Store Stop: Majestic Memories, Las Vegas

This being a scrapbooking blog and all, I thought I would give a minor critique to stores that I visit on my travels. This is something I do on my own as a service to other scrapbookers and please feel free to agree or disagree with me in a manner that serves as constructive.

Majestic Memories is BUSTING out of it's building! It's a good thing they are moving to a larger store in March! Most of my "bummers" were based on organization and size: Very small crop room, 7-foot shelves with product higher than most people could reach and narrow aisle that made shopping difficult. However, it sounds like many of these items will be remedied with the move to a building 5 minutes away from it's current location.

One bummer that I hope changes is the labeling of sections - there is none. For the practiced scrapbooker, it was obvious that most of the store was organized by theme, but you would have to ask or hunt around for the theme you were looking for. And beginners would probably have just walked around in a claustrophobic trance, not knowing what they should be looking for - or at!

However, there were definitely upsides! Customer service was great. I was greeted immediately and effectively helped when asked. Seasonal Valentine's Day product was right up front, as was a Las Vegas Tourism section. In a stroke of what I think is genius was the clearance section, right at the register, so it would be easy to see a discounted item and quickly add it to your order (before you had time to talk yourself out of it, of course!).

If you are a big fan of QuicKutz, Majestic Memories is the place to go! There was a large selection of dies and, after overhearing a conversation between a group of store "regulars," Majestic keeps on top of the newest ones. There is also a large selection of textured papers made out of different media, such as fabric, faux snake skin or basketball-like texture.

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