Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heading to El Segundo to Crop for the Weekend

Good News: I get to crop the weekend away in a hotel with scrappy friends!
Bad News: Scrappy Friend Judy can't be there. :(

Judy's weekend filled up with, well, LIFE, and she had too much to do to be able to enjoy herself at the A to Z Scrapbook retreat this weekend, she said, and the kind woman thought of ME! I had wanted to go, since I had gone the past two years in January, but $$$ is a little tight after the holidays. So I resigned myself to not go and stay home with my DH. Not such a bad proposition since it would just be the two of us (the kids are visiting their grandparents in Illinois for the month.) But, then Judy called last night and whoo-hoo! I'll get some much-needed scrapping done! And on my OWN pages! Not for a class to teach, not for a goft to give away, but MY stuff!

I hope my weekend is as productive as I hope it will be! And the hubby can come and visit if he REALLY gets bored - ha!

P.S. - Thanks, Judy! :)

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome Jessica!

Happy scrapping! I'll look forward to the next Angel's night.