Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KrewTip: Scratch-resistant paint!

Christy H. from San Diego was kind enough to email in a great KrewTip for acrylic - one I've never used, but am looking forward to trying. The photo above is one of her acrylic projects. Here is what she had to say:

"My tip....I love to mix Diamond Glaze with the acrylic paint or even powdered pigment inks. When they're "painted" onto acrylic they will never scratch like just paint will. You don't need very much Diamond Glaze, it dries very quickly, and you can still custom mix your colors. That's my favorite technique."

Thanks, Christy! If you want to learn more about Christy and her ideas, check out her blog at www.christyscloset.blogspot.com. To thank her for her idea, I will be sending her a sampling of Kits2Remember products. Do you have a KrewTip to share? Just email it to me at jessica@kits2remember.com, with "KrewTip" in the subject line. If your KrewTip is selected to be published on this blog, I will snail mail you some product!


Anonymous said...

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