Sunday, February 01, 2009

KrewTip: Feathery painting

I have had a number of people ask me how I get the "feathery" look on the edge of my acrylic projects. I use the Adirondack paint dabbers (think bingo dabber, with acrylic paint inside) and "scratch" the paint along the edge of the panel or shape.

It's hard to show this visually with just a photo, so I made a quick line art diagram. Laugh if you feel the need. I did. :)

The big "NO!" means don't go parallel to the edge, just following the shape of the panel. You want to "scratch" perpendicular along the edge.
Here is what I was working on while demonstrating this technique:

These are the new Clear Scraps Minis, which are small, 6-page albums that are three inches or smaller. This on is a cupcake shape, but they come in arrows, hearts and more. There are several different shapes and I will have them available for sale at the Orange County Scrapbook Expo Feb. 13-15.


get scrappy said...

Those are so cute. I am excited to see them at the OC expo.

The Barefoot Scrapper said...

Cute! Ok quick there any kind of pen that you can use on the acylic to make it a "dry erase" board???? We put together a cute make and take using the 8x8 acrylic, tried a dry erase pen and it worked (apparently, however it had not dried completely) cause when we got done we did wrote on it again and this time it would not come off!!). so just wondering?? if not on acrylic, how about the metal???
Lisa Macomber
Napa, Ca

Jessica Guthrie said...

There is a chalk pen that Michaels has. Check in the art pen dept. I cannot remember the name of them but they work like a dry erase marker... They come in packages of 4 different colors. I hope that helps!

Kathi L. said...

Very cute. Are Rodney, Xan and Will's bdays all in April? Mine is on the 24th.

JENN>>> You will love these mini's. The shapes are awesome. They have a tabbed album in a 3 inch size. You will probably have to buy them all.

java diva said...

The cupcake is adorable!

Robin said...

Thanks for the tip. See you at the OC EXPO.

Jessica Guthrie said...

Thanks! No, Kathi, just Will and Xan's b-days in April as far as "my" boys go, but Rodney's aunt, my Dad and Will's fave cousin are all April b-days. A busy month for us!