Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hi, Leslie.... Guess What?

I'm your Creative Escape Paint Can Secret Sister! Didn't all the acrylic give it away? LOL ... I know that a few people asked how I got the letters to stand up. I just Crop-a-diled holes at the bottom of the letters (Be careful! Not all acrylic can be CaD-ed w/o shattering!) and tied them on tight to the handle, with all the other ribbon. This was a fun can to do! I am so glad you enjoyed it! I SOOO love paint can and secret sister swaps ... this swap was the best of both worlds! Thanks, Shannon, for organizing it!


Yahoohelen said...

Wow!!!! Jessica, what a fantastic job you did on the can!

Shannon said...

Amazing work....can I have one now too......just kidding. Will have to get some of those letters from you....or did you cut them out as well?