Saturday, April 05, 2008

A scrappy visitor from Mexico City

While attending CKU Anaheim last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting an avid scrapper from Mexico's national capitol, Rocio Cano. While scrapbooking is expensive, and, therefore, not as popular as it is here in the United States, Rocio is single-handedly trying to introduce the latest scrapbooking trends to her scrappy friends back home. Rocio arrived Thursday to stay with me for the weekend; she wanted to learn the ins and outs of working with acrylic so she could take the information and supplies back to Mexico City to share. Acrylic has not yet been introduced there, although there appears to be a great interest in it.

So, of course, during her visit, we first went to Michaels and JoAnns Thursday night as a scrapbooking "appetizer," to whet our appetites for the day-long acrylic seminar the next day. Friday, I walked Rocio through a number of acrylic projects, showing her how to use different binding methods, inks, paints, layering techniques, etc. We took a break for lunch and shopped at Angel's Scrapbook Garden in Mission Viejo, which is, unfortunately, going out of business and nearly the entire store is 40 percent off. We both stocked up on a number of goodies there!

Next, we went back and finished up a couple of the earlier projects, discussed necessary supplies and then went over to Scrappy Nan's in the evening to crop with her and Laura Miller (Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats). I loved hearing about the scrap community in Mexico and enjoyed practicing (and us both laughing at my attempts to speak) Spanish, which included learning the true lyrics to the gringo birthday song "La Cucaracha" beyond the fact that it is about a cockroach.

But I must admit, today's activity was the most fun! Rocio, Nan, Nan's daughter Marli and I hit the road to some of our favorite scrappy spots. First off: the Fabric Barn. Anyone who is anywhere near the Long Beach, CA, area at any time and LOVES ribbon has got to stop here. They have thousands of ribbons at fabulous prices and you cut what you want by the yard. Or, you can buy the whole spool for larger projects. Anyway, all three of us did some damage to our pocketbooks at that store! Then it was off to Strictly Scrapbooking in Cerritos and The Red Bee in Tustin, both stores that feature a wonderful selection of supplies. Rocio was able to find a variety of supplies for a fraction of what they sell for in Mexico City and I was able to get some good ol' scrapbook shopping done - something I have not been able to do for quite a while. Now I just need to find the time to USE it all!

Sadly, Rocio had to fly back to Mexico City tonight, an extra suitcase in tow. She was delight, not minding the fact she had to room with my 2-year-old Xan (pictured sharing her iPod above) or that she had her "acrylic seminar" in a dusty garage. Thanks, Rocio, for a fabulous time! Please come back any time!


Liz Gil said...

Hi Jessica, I´m friend of Rocio, and she´s so happy for meet you!!!, blessings from Mexico City!!!

Liz Gil

Rocio GutiƩrrez Sola said...

Thank you for everything; sharing with me all the knowlegde about acrylic, trusting in me, sharing your time, sharing your family and sharing your space, the best of all is your friendship. Thank a lot, and very soon i will be there.

Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats said...

Glad to have met Rocio.. scrapping @ Nan's was great fun!

Jennifer Priest said...

How fun--Fabric Barn is a blast!! Great pics too.