Thursday, April 03, 2008

K2R will be bi-coastal!

One of the main reasons (aside from wanting to own my own business and have fun doing it!) I started Kits2Remember was because it is difficult for me to find a well-paying job in my career because my military family moves so much. A number of people have said I would be a great store owner, and I would love to own a bricks-and-mortar store, but my husband is a career Marine now and Marine Corps families move about every three years. By the time I had a store up and running profitably, I would have to pack up and move again. So, going online and vending at expos and conventions seemed to be the smartest way to go for me and my family.

It turns out my business plan wasn't created in vain. Despite news to the contrary in January, the Marine Corps now considers my husband overdue for a move, so he has been reassigned to become an air traffic control instructor at the Naval base in Pensacola, FL. We just found out about this three weeks ago and have not yet worked out all of the details. I DO know that Kits2Remember will continue as it has been, attending Expos and crops; I will continue to teach classes and share the latest and greatest products and techniques.

My DH and I will be traveling to Pensacola in mid-May for a week to look for a house and check out the area. We will physically move from California to Florida in July. K2R now has the opportunity to make an impact on both coasts!

Now, what does this mean for K2R, the Expo, CKU Provo and Creative Escape? Not much, really. I will be flying back to California for weeks at a time to fulfill my commitments - and have FUN! I still hope to teach at the local SoCal stores when I am in town. I do have some store classes planned for July that I will have to postpone or cancel, but those are the only changes to my scrappy schedule at this time. Whew!

The stores I supply acrylic to on the west coast won't have to worry about additional shipping - my family will assisting with those orders, still shipping from California. Most web orders go out via flat rate boxes, so there won't be any shipping impact for my online customers, either. And as for Expos, I plan to continue to do the California shows I did this year, and adding East Coast shows as early as the Tampa, FL, Scrapbook Expo the first weekend of December 2008.

The CKU Provo bus tour from SoCal to Utah and back is still on and a number of the stores are already lined up (find out more at And instead of driving out to Creative Escape in Mesa, AZ, I will be flying in - I'll just have to watch how much shopping I do!

Now, I need to find out what scrappy stuff is going on in and around Pensacola. If you know of any stores, crops or scrappy events going on, let me know! I am looking forward to discovering what's hot in the southeast!

And, as always, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for K2R. Without you, it would not be what it is today!


Erin Bassett said...

Holy smokes! I'm gonna miss having you here in CA, but it seems like you'll still be at a lot of the scrap'n events so I'm sure I'll bump into you.

LuvJones said...

Say it aint so girl! =(
Well I wish you all the best endeavors with your futre move! But yes, you did point out GREAT ideas, you will be able to expand and give people on the other coast a "hands on!" KWIM!?
You will surely be missed by tons!

Jessica Studer said...

You will totally be missed! You have had and awesome impact on the local scrap community!

Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats said...

well it's not scrappy related but my little bro (23) and his then to-be wife will be in Pensacola by August. He flies and they think they might be staying on base for a while.. anyways point being you now have a sitter in place. She loves kids! and has done a great job w/ Leia. Give you more info when the time is closer.

Lori Shrout said...

Jessica - they say everything happens for a reason, and looks like this is going to propel you and your business to cover even more of the country. How great for you. Now - that said - darn, I don't want to share !
~Lori Shrout

Jennifer Priest said...

We will miss you lots!! Hope you will stay connected to us on WhoGAS. If you ever need a guest teacher to fill in for ya here, you know who to call! ;)

Just a simple gal said...

Well - let me be the first to Welcome you to the South! You're gonna love the sugar white beaches of The Gulf!!!! I'm in North Alabama [about 6 hours or so from Pensacola]... - I know of one GREAT store in Foley [AL - about 45 minutes from Pens.] and a couple of gals [sisters] who put on weekend crops in the area. I think you can search for info on them on-line - also Gulf Coast Scrappers is a large & on-going crop [I haven't had a chance to attend yet] and Scrapfest in Mandeville , LA is the greatest! One suggestion - start listening to for the best radio station in the Southeast - and they'll have you up to speed on all things southern in no time at all! [Really a classy show - two wonderful, God - serving men who are incrediably funny.]Bring on the sweet tea, grits and fired okra! [just kidding about the grits - they've never been a favorite of mine; but fried crab claws [the front pinchers] can't be beat!] ~ Judy