Monday, February 29, 2016

Nicoli Kitchen: Where toddlers are welcome

Nicoli Kitchen is a downtown Iwakuni restaurant I recently visited that is incredibly kid-friendly... a great place for moms with babies and toddlers to get together for lunch. They show Tom & Jerry cartoons and have a play area with toys. And the food is delicious, albeit oddly colored... here is my four-cheese pizza.

Yes, that's a blue crust. At first I was told that it might be squid ink that's causing the blue color. Then I found out that it actually is what translates into "bamboo charcoal." Oh, good, even better. But if you're not adventurous, that's OK, it did not taste like anything but cheese pizza. It came with honey to drizzle over the top. I never would have thought that that combo would be a good one, but let me assure you: it is!

My friend KC tried the black curry... and it gave her a lovely Wicked Witch/zombie- tooth look, but she said it tasted quite good.

I got the lunch set that included the salad bar and dessert, for about $15. The salad bar also has all-you-can-drink juices and teas.

The menu is posted outside the restaurant, including the lunch menu and sets. Most of it is subtitled in English, and the staff speaks some English.

The restaurant is not huge, but has both table and chair seating, as well as traditional Japanese seating with cushions. If you have a large party, I would call ahead. Click here for the map. Enjoy!

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