Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Tale of 12 Dresses (and 1 amazing friendship) Part 3: The Fighting

Please read the first installment of this story, as well as the second, if you haven't already. This post will make a lot more sense if you do.

So, the whole point to acquiring a bunch of wedding dresses was finally happening. It was Trash the Dress Day! The day that worked with everyone's schedules was Sunday, Nov. 22, which happened to be my 39th birthday. We once again took Tsuzu Beach by storm, armed with nearly a dozen cameras, 14 foam water squirters we got on clearance at the exchange, a couple dozen family members (including our children, who were more excited about this than we were, if that's possible), and gallons of water-based paint. 

After some coordinated portraits of the dresses and their wearers prior to the paint war, the battle began... Below is a video of the proceedings, along with a photo montage of photos from several cameras placed at different angles in the hopes to capture all of the action.

Below the video are some of the photos my camera captured. I now know that nothing says "I love you" like shooting paint in your friends' faces.

If the video isn't working properly in your browser, click here to go directly to YouTube.


That would be me
All of us, including Chie, who was a bit late to the party due to parental obligations
Battle attitudes ON!
Some sneak attacks
Inappropriate placement of handprints

My birthday surprise
My birthday retaliation

Some of the cameras used

The Aftermath...

If you didn't watch the video, you of us face-plants, another one needed eye care triage on the beach, Ashleigh wouldn't stop attacking people... it was a good time.

But that wasn't all for these dresses... we had one more adventure in store for them... but that's in Part 4, the final installment (click here).

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