Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Guthrie's family photos 2014...

For years, I have wanted some beautiful, formal yet slightly quirky, family photographs... to represent my beautiful, yet slightly quirky family. I wanted images that I could enlarge and hang on the walls of my forever home, to remind us of the unique life our family has had. For years I couldn't afford the type of photography I wanted. Then we weren't stationed in a location that truly inspired me.

But living here in Japan definitely inspired me to get those portraits I have had on my wish list. I wanted to show the fall color of Iwakuni, Japan. I wanted the spouse to be in his dress blues. I wanted my boys to look adorably handsome and grown up in their suits. I wanted a red flower in my hair. I wanted some formal poses, but I wanted to show a little bit how we really are: breaking out in to jokes, song and dance at a moment's notice... especially when riding in the car and Queen, or the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack comes on. Loud, off-key but full of joy and humor.

I can't express how important I think it is to capture images of the amazing, unique times in your life... like being an American living in Japan. You can't go back in time and get those pictures... the moment is gone. With the help of Molly Rogers from Boundless Love Photography, my vision became a reality this fall. I appreciated Molly's ideas and patience... I am sure it was not easy working with a fellow photographer with a mind and vision of her own. I am so pleased with what Molly captured for us. Thank you. I can't wait to hang them on my walls.

Thank you to Catrina Tengan for your work on my makeup. My hair was done by Mia at the base salon, Head to Toe.

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Judy said...

Truly STUNNING Jessica!