Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A local "adult" store in Iwakuni

Fair warning: This post is slightly above a PG-13, so be sure to tuck your kids in to bed, or at least plop them in front of Frozen for the umpteenth time before reading this. That said...

I frequented (one of?) Iwakuni's adult stores today. I have been told that it is called Miami Books and Video... but since I can't read Japanese, I can't confirm or deny that information. A couple of weeks ago, it was a hot topic on the MCAS Iwakuni Classifieds and Information Facebook page. Unfortunately, the brave poster asking where an Iwakuni adult store might be started getting harassed by immature individuals and took her post off, along with all of the info helpful base inhabitants contributed. A day later, I reposted the question, because, as an admin for the page, I was getting a number of private messages from people asking why the information was taken down and if I remembered any of it. I did not remember any of it, hence, the reposting of the question. Clearly, for a "taboo" subject, there was a lot of interest. But the info provided in the second post was only a fraction of what was shared the first time.

I realized that, as a blogger of my life here in Iwakuni, I would be amiss to have blogged about love hotels, but not about the adult store here. I say "the" because this is the only one I am personally aware of Iwakuni... there definitely may be more.

And let me say, I do not care what you think of this post. If you are offended, stop reading it. If you have other shops you know of and are brave enough to share the info, please post it in the comments. At this point in my life, I don't care what people think of my sex life, and very little surprises me any more. Between my college Sociology of Sexuality course taught by a middle-aged professor who wore neon-colored parachute pants and t-shirts (yes, this was the mid-90s) who invited panels of people to class to talk about their different fetishes (believe it or not, raw ground beef is one of them), and my journalistic career including articles I wrote on subjects such as genital piercings and hermaphrodites, this blog post is a drop in the proverbial wet spot. Moving on...

The adult store that I know of in Iwakuni has a name, but it is all in Japanese, so I have no idea what it is. It is on Route 2, across from the Cazl (Fresta) Mall, a few doors down from McDonalds. Here is the black sign you are looking for:

Here is the white building to the right of the store:

And here is the parking lot of the store:

You want to go in on the left side, under the black sign. Once inside, head to the left through the curtain that says "adult" and you will be met by a library of DVDs the size of my apartment. Actually, it is probably bigger, floor to almost ceiling, rows and rows of various adult DVDs. It is a maze of DVDs. I did not see any about a raw hamburger fetish, but you'd probably find one if that was your thing.

Wind your way to the back, right corner and you'll find toys. Toys for men, toys for women, and toys for couples and groups. I was especially intrigued by the rows of tin cans that were a little larger than a soda can, with the pictures of women on them. These are for men to use, and some have interesting diagrams of the artificial female anatomy inside. There were shelves and shelves of these things. They must be a very popular... or very unpopular... item.

There were rings, costumes, lingerie and phalluses... phalluses in every size, shape, color and vibration speed and variance... some of them even shaped like cartoon characters. As far as the underwear go... make sure you know what you are getting: it appeared that both clean and used panties were available.

There were strap-on silicone breasts for purchase, worn like a backpack, only in the front, as well as a 2-liter bottle of lubricant. There were smaller bottles available, too, though, so don't think that was your only option.

There is also a sign inside the store that tells you in English that you must have yen to purchase anything... "cold cash," to quote the sign. Prices seemed comparable to what you would pay in the States. I would also like to note that the store is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. only, and I did not see one employee (but I heard them in a partitioned area near the exit where you pay for anything you purchase) or any other shoppers when I stopped by around 1:30 p.m. on a Tuesday.

So, in a nutshell (no pun intended) that is the adult store I visited in Iwakuni. Don't bother messaging me any questions, I only spent about 20 minutes in the place because it was almost closing time, so pretty much everything I know I have shared. Enjoy.


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