Thursday, March 14, 2013

My 15 seconds of Yamaguchi fame...

Since I am not shy and was more than willing to join the tiny, graceful Japanese women in their dancing at the Hina Doll Festival a couple of weeks ago, I was honored with my picture in the local Yamaguchi newspaper on March 3. Our Cultural Adaptation office here on base is a wonderful one, and I am sure you have seen my posts about Akie and her youth cultural specialist counterpart, Nami, as they have led our family through tours around the area. Well, Nami was kind enough to call me a few days ago and tell me she had set aside a couple copies of the local Yamaguchi prefecture (like a county) newspaper... since my "beautiful" face was in it. Yes, that is what she said when she called. With compliments like that, I may never want to leave Japan!

Anyway, here is the photo and article, which was on page 14 of the paper. Yes, that's me, the blonde amazon in the back right. Below is the translation of the article, and Nami's sweet note.

After enjoying my fame for 15 seconds, I began perusing the paper, simply out of curiosity. The first thing I noticed? It opens the exactly opposite direction from American newspapers. This is the front page of the section.

Since teaching global communication for UWF this academic year, I have become more aware of foreign media in comparison with American media. There were two pictures of President Obama in this edition of the Yamaguchi newspaper. Granted, the solidification of the American relationship with Japan was in the news, but when was the last time you saw two pictures of the Japanese prime minister in your local paper?

While there was a whole sports page devoted to baseball (which, if you hadn't heard, is huge over here!), the front of the sports section had a lot of different sports reporting.

I am assuming this is a Japanese crossword puzzle, but I really have no idea.

So, that was my 15-seconds of fame... kind of fun to have made a ever-so-small impression in a foreign country.

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