Monday, November 26, 2012

Tenaciously Remembered takes off!

Some of the albums I had for sale at the Iwakuni Holiday Craft Fair
Saturday was a big day for me... it was my first Iwakuni Holiday Craft Fair. I couldn't sleep the night before... I had too many things running through my head. Did I remember to pack scissors and Scotch tape? Did I make enough albums? Were they the right themes? Was anyone going to show up to the fair? What if the weather was bad? What of the weather was good? Seriously... not even Advil PM could calm my brain that night.

I had created albums for weeks in preparation for the show. I had also taken on some marketing and advertising responsibilities for the show about 10 days before the event. I had a lot of eggs in this basket and the last thing I needed to do was trip and fall...

But everything went wonderfully. The Iwakuni community seems to like my work and I sold about half my inventory, which, in reality, was a lot. The Japanese-inspired albums, as you may have guessed, were very popular with the Americans on base, but the Japanese nationals who shopped loved the holiday books. It was nice to know I had a little something for everyone.

Some of the Japanese-inspired albums I had available.
I also previewed my first scrapbooking class in Iwakuni. Here is the project we're going to create on Dec. 4:

You can learn more about my Iwakuni crafting by visiting my web site: Tenaciously Remembered. Hopefully this is just the beginning of this little venture. I've already gotten some special orders... one of my favorite being this baby book for a baby girl named London. It's girly, yet travel-inspired, as was requested by the customer (my friend, Rachel). The photos don't really do it justice. For those of you who like to keep track of stuff like this, it's mostly created from Basic Grey's Sugared line that came out years ago. I'm finally starting to whittle away at my stash! :)


Melissa Dandridge said...

They look gorgeous! We miss you like crazy!

Jessica Guthrie said...

Thank you, Melissa! I miss you, too!