Monday, May 25, 2009

Krew Tip - cookie sheets...

... A couple of Christmases ago, I asked for cookie sheets from the family. Both my mom and mother-in-law gave me a set, which was great for me. I need them both for the kitchen and for my scrap room!

In the scrap room, I use non-stick cookie sheets to lay down embellishments, grungeboard, chipboard and other elements that I want to paint or Stickle. I take a tip from Tim Holtz and put a glue dot on the back of the element to hold it still on the cookie sheet. Then I paint or Stickle. In the photo here, I am crackle painting a grungeboard heart for the cover of the Father's Day album shown below.

The beauty of the cookie sheet is that I can now take it off my work space to dry and I can move on to another scrappy task. The non-stick part allows me to easily remove the glue-dotted element once it's dry, plus it makes cleanup easy.

This album also has a cool magnetic closure. I used Basic Grey's magnetic buttons, placing one under the DAD title and then I wrapped the other in ribbon and secured it with adhesive and a staple.

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get scrappy said...

Very cool. I have used my cookie sheets too. But I usually use some thing else like my non-stick craft mat then move it to a cookie sheet. Probably would have been better just to use a cookie sheet in general.