Monday, December 08, 2008

Long days...

I know I haven't blogged in awhile - sorry about that. I have been busy with the Tampa Scrapbook Expo, family in town (which results in accelerated Christmas planning since we are celebrating Christmas this Saturday) as well as a bout of 24-hour flu that has run through my house (my Dad and I are the only ones who have escaped so far!). I rushed and did errands this morning, took my parents to the beach so they could comb it for shells at lunch and then rushed home to spend the afternoon and evening putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. Whew! But I had a lot of fun decorating my new house. I actually have the space to bring out all my favorite decorations at once!

This weekend I visited Tampa for the first time. I really liked the town - especially the restaurants. We stayed with family friends and they took us to the best places. Great food is such a plus after a long day on your feet. The Tampa Expo was as busy as any other for me and it was full of scrapbookers just discovering the possibilities of acrylic, metal, the Crop-a-dile and the Bind-it-All. It was so much fun watching these ladies become inspired and excited in class and at the make and take table. Speaking of the make and take table, I want to give a huge thank you to Lee Ann and Justy, who just rocked the ladies at the table. Thank you for your help! And thank you to our family friend, Caroline, for stepping up to the table in a pinch, and to my Dad, Mark, who knows more about scrapbooking than he ever thought he would. And to my Mom, Nancy, who is a pro with the cash register and can hold her own with product knowledge, even though she prefers quilting over scrapbooking. She even sports her own business cards now, complete with title: On-site Customer Relations Manager. I would post photos but can you believe I forgot to take some? What kind of scrapbooker am I, anyway?!

In the coming days I will have some new products online. I will be taking a little bit of time to spend with my family, although I will continue to check emails and process orders. And don't forget to cash in on extra shopping savings by logging on and registering with the Reindeer Roundup! The specials, goodies and giveaways continue through the end of the month! Plus, check out the K2R Design Krew's blog. I have been fortunate enough to see some of their projects in person and I know you won't want to miss their posts on these!

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Anonymous said...

A hearty Get Well to your clan. Enjoy your early holiday. Nice to find new friends in your new state, and start the buzz about raw materials and the BIA. Looking forward to seeing new products - you are a great inspiration to us! See you in Costa Mesa in February - I see registration is opening today, and that you have 2 classes - woo-hoo!