Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am Al Fresco ...

No, I am not trying to be some kind of new mobster wise guy, Mr. Al Fresco. That is my Porter Paints "Voice of Color." I subcribe to Making Memories Magazine's email ewsletter and the executoive editor pointed reader to this fun game that allows you to input your preferences for your senses and then co,mes out with a color palette that is most appropriate for you, along with a secondary one. I think I'll take my color palette, Al Fresco, fresh greens (think kiwi fruit) and accent with my secondary, Water Beads, refreshing blues (think of the clearest blue seas) and see what I can create in a layout or project. I'll post it here once I am done.

So, have a little fun and visit the site: Porter Paints, The Voice of Color. Maybe it will inspire you to create in a color palette you've never tried before - but will love!

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