Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've been tagged!

Oh, no, not again ... Not that I mind being tagged, it's finding people that I don't think will hate me for tagging THEM! And Donna Salazar was the instigator again! She didn't tag ME, but she tagged NAN who, in turn, tagged ME! I am supposed to post what I am doing right now ... I am doing my nightly ritual ... eating popcorn and drinking the 0 calorie carbonated water from Wal-mart, one of the few things I go there to buy! Black Cherry flavored, BTW. Oh, and I just finished packing up for Memory Trends in Vegas. Looking forward to it, although I am sad to see that it doesn't appear to be a popular event. But I will write up a full report later ... LOL! And as for who I am going to tag, I have no idea ...

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