Sunday, December 31, 2006

Store Stop: Scrappin' It in Quincy, IL

This being a scrapbooking blog and all, I thought I would give a minor critique to stores that I visit on my travels. This is something I do on my own as a service to other scrapbookers and please feel free to agree or disagree with me in a manner that serves as constructive.

About an hour away from Rodney's family homestead (where I am spending much of my holiday break) is Quincy, IL. While we were there to shop and look at Christmas lights Dec. 27, I just had to stop in at the local store, Scrappin' It. It has been open for almost a year now, and this is the seond time I have visited to store, the first time being last May. From the looks of things, the store was doing quite well. The only store in the city, aside from big box stores like Hobby Lobby and a small JoAnn's, Scrappin' It has lots of the newest stuff and many of the older favorites. If I was stranded in Quincy and ran out of scrapbook product, I would not be disappointed in Scrappin It's variety. The only bummer was that they were out of my favorite Zig 2-way glue in the 1-inch barrel. But, then again, that's not really a surprise anywhere! It's popular stuff and EK doesn't exactly release and ship it out in a timely fashion, apparently.
The only true bummer I found is that Scrappin' It is a small store and product is organized, but confined to small areas all over the store. No more than a dozen or so people could shop comfortably at one time and there was a lot of focus on embellishments, rather than paper, but depending on your personalinterests, that may not be a bad thing. There was still plenty of paper variety, but I don't think any entire line (except for the new Magnolia) was represented. Occasionally I felt like product was attacking me, but I can't fault them for trying to maximize a small space as they start up their store.
I didn't see their crop space, but, when you look on their web site calendar, there are a variety of classes and crops available.
The gals behind the counter said they plan to attend CHA in Anaheim in January, so I look forward to possibily meeting up with them again there! Best of luck to them!

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