Thursday, November 10, 2016

10ashus is back... and speeding through life once again

Yes, I printed my own shirts. Well, a company actually did it for me.
At the beginning of this month I found myself blaring my "Top 25 Most Played" songs iTunes had created for me, screaming along to the words (I am tone deaf and do not actually sing) and driving too fast down a country highway.

That is how I knew that the old Jessica was back. Yep, some of Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me" and P!ink's "So What," along with a little driver seat dancing and danger on the open road. Those are the signs that 10ashus is ready again to rule the world. Or at least attempt to.

So a good, solid 17 weeks post-Japan was my recovery time. I thought I was made of tougher stuff, but I guess when your whole life gets flipped-turned-upside down (thanks, Fresh Prince) it takes more time than you think to figure out which way is up. And, yes, I'm yo home to sit on my throne as the Queen of 101 South Madison. Not quite the same flair as Bel Air, but you get the idea.

101 South Madison is the address of the soon-to-be-open Jessica Guthrie Photography studio. Yes, a little dream of mine is becoming a reality. And a source of sanity in a way. So a quick run-down of my life right now...

 - The spouse officially retired from the U.S. Marine Corps on Halloween. One last sick joke from the USMC... thank you for that.

- The spouse is working overseas in a great job and will be for the next year. He actually likes it, so that makes life easier for everyone. The kids and I are still living at the mother-in-laws house. Everyone here still appears to like each other. Even the cat seems to like me more.

- The kids are doing great... they have friends, adults still seem to find them charming, they have joined sports and are getting above 4.0 GPAs. A mother could not ask for more.

- I have done a lot more furniture projects. Like.... LOTS more. In fact, many of you encouraged me to sell some of my stuff. So I created Just Gorgeous Junque. I haven't sold anything yet, but the studio has been open exactly 6 hours so far. I hold out hope.

- I have booked several photography sessions already even though my studio is not yet officially open. Pike County seems to be excited that I am here and I am happy to have been welcomed so warmly. If you want to see photos of the studio and some videos, check out the biz Facebook page.

- Ultimately, I needed a little help from my friends. And I don't really have any here, yet. I used to make fun of the ladies who would get on a Facebook community board on base and beg for friends. Now I am beginning to understand the inclination. No one (my age) realizes how fabulous I truly am... yet. Until then, I have to outsource for friendship. So, I went to Texas. You may remember the Awesome Wives of Iwakuni from previous posts?

Well, five of us managed to get ourselves to Dallas for three days in October. It was the therapy we all needed. Retail therapy with thrift and antique stores... and in true AWOI wanderlust style, a road trip to Waco for some fabulous BBQ ribs, Magnolia Market and Harp Designs... and one night of complete intoxication. We even managed to meet up with another fellow Iwakuni spouse whose husband just retired. It was fabulous. And truly gave my life-upheaval recovery a boost.

Selfies where you are trying to show a background are not flattering to the double chin...
- And, finally, nearly all of my waking hours and spare cash have been going in to creating a portrait studio I can be proud of. The grand opening is Nov. 22. I chose this date because it is my 40th birthday and I need something to party about, LOL. If you're in the Pike County, Ill., area, try to stop by... it promises to be a good time! (Yes, there will be wine. And food. And gifts. And wine.)

(Insert shameless plug here:)

So, remember... at least 17 weeks to adjust back to life when your whole life gets flipped-turned-upside down. And, yes, you'll be yo home to sit on your throne as the Queen of Whatever the Hell You Want. Just make sure to play some P!nk as you gaze over your nose at your subjects. ;)